“Rhiannon Drake accentuates the setting by her evocative original songs in Welsh that enhance several scenes.” 

@broadwaybaby, Wind Of Heaven, Finborough Theatre 2019

"...a brilliant musical score written by Rhiannon Drake"

@thatstageyblog, Wind Of Heaven, Finborough Theatre 2019

“The new musical scores brought a fresh feel to the musical genre… 

Rhiannon Drake and Will Drake’s writing skills have excelled.”

www.theatreandartreviews.wordpress.com, Herstoric, Drayton Arms Theatre 2019

“... follows in the footsteps of Six and, dare I say it, Hamilton… The case, overall, is argued brilliantly, without a contrived effort to put forward an ‘all men are useless’ assertion… 

www.londontheatre1.com, Herstoric, Drayton Arms Theatre 2019

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