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"Rhiannon Drake accentuates the setting by her

evocative original songs in Welsh that enhance several scenes.” 

@broadwaybaby, Wind Of Heaven, Finborough Theatre

"...a brilliant musical score written by Rhiannon Drake"

@thatstageyblog, Wind Of Heaven, Finborough Theatre 

“The new musical scores brought a fresh feel to the musical genre… 

Rhiannon Drake and Will Drake’s writing skills have excelled.”, Herstoric, Drayton Arms Theatre

“... follows in the footsteps of Six and, dare I say it, Hamilton… The case, overall, is argued brilliantly, without a contrived effort to put forward an ‘all men are useless’ assertion…, Herstoric, Drayton Arms Theatre

"Rhiannon Drake's sympathetic treatment... made the most of a very affecting piece.", Christmas In The City, Barlow & Smith

"Highlights for me were the stunning performance of “Sunday Kind Of Love”, sung by Rhiannon Drake."

2022 mainly involved welcoming my baby girl, Clara Seren Joseph, into the world.

Whilst on maternity leave, I continued developing 'Reunited', a new musical that I have been writing with Will Maynard (Director/Writer). Songs from the show were played on the 'Sit In The Stalls' programme on Box Office Radio, and a showcase of songs and scenes from the show was presented at the Jermyn Street Theatre, with a fabulous West End cast.

Watch this space.

Assistant Musical Director on 'The Rhythmics', produced by Aria Entertainment

and Metta Theatre,

at the Southwark Playhouse (December 2021)

'Play That Song To Me'

by The Rainbow Collective

is released on all major platforms (January 2021)


'A Mother's War' Lockdown Cast Recording,

produced by Test Of Time Entertainment,

is released on all major platforms (November 2020)

A Mother's War | Album Artwork.jpg

'Wind Of Heaven' (The Finborough, 2019)


at the London Pub Theatre Awards 2020

(October 2020)


Such a pleasure to be a part of these two beautiful songs, recorded at home

by musicians across the country during lockdown


'Pass On The Rainbow' by Jenny Murphy and Cassandra Kotchie,

raising money for NHS Charities Together


'All The World's A Stage' by Bella Barlow and Alli Smith,

written to celebrate the resilience of the theatre community


by Thomas Holloway

Tristan Bates Theatre, April 2020

Produced by Test Of Time Entertainment


'Gwen', A 20-minute Bronze Age Pop-Rock Musical by Drake & Drake
'The Ceiling Project​' at the Bishopsgate Institute, November 15th 2019

Screenshot 2019-11-02 at 07.49.46.png

Musical Director and Composer (Vocal Music) for the 'Wind of Heaven' at the Finborough Theatre -
directed by Will Maynard, produced by WeighedIn Productions.


 Viva La Vamp's Award-Winning Performance at the final of Open Mic UK at the O2 

Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 15.47.40.png

'Herstoric' plays to full houses at the Drayton Arms Theatre, London​


Herstoric _ Reviews April 2019.png
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