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It Was Me!Herstoric (A Mother's War)
00:00 / 02:13
Write The StoryHerstoric (A Mother's War)
00:00 / 03:08
Make Me The Villain / Forced Me Out Of EnglandHerstoric (A Mother's War)
00:00 / 01:20
Gwen's Battle Cry (Demo)Gwen | A Bronze Age Pop/Rock Musical
00:00 / 03:33
In It For The ChaseHerstoric (The Year Without A Summer)
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I'm A Mother!

I'm A Mother!

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'I'm A Mother!', music and lyrics by Will Geraint Drake

Herstoric | Filmed Live by Boxing Zebra at The Drayton Arms Theatre, April 2019

Amy Lynch, Emma Breton, Aemilia Owen & Ensemble

Screenshot 2019-11-02 at 07.49.46.png

'Gwen', a Bronze Age Pop-Rock Musical

The Ceiling Project at The Bishopsgate Institute (November 2019)

Directed by Grace Taylor ('Six')



The Drayton Arms Theatre (April 2019)

Herstoric _ Poster.jpg


First performed at

The Drayton Arms Theatre, April 2nd- 6th 2019



“An outstanding performance by this exceptionally talented cast…The new musical scores brought a fresh feel to the musical genre… Rhiannon Drake and Will Drake’s writing and directing skills have excelled.”




“Both shows follow in the footsteps of Six and, dare I say it, Hamilton… The case, overall, is argued brilliantly, without a contrived effort to put forward an ‘all men are useless’ assertion…  An enlightening and educational evening, and an entertaining one too.”




“Two entertaining musicals in one night giving a voice that is not often heard to important historical women… Men needn’t switch off, the feminism has a light, bright touch… Nikola McMurtrie’s choreography was top class, lyrically reflecting dance of the day, along with nods to modern ballet and ably performed by the cast…  I could certainly see both musicals at larger theatres... After all, Les Mis had to start somewhere.”

Production photos below

Online Audience Reviews


“Great use of a range of singing genres to present historical events in an entertaining narrative. 

Excellent standard of singing - especially the female actors.” 


“Nicely staged and presented two one act musicals with lovely voices... 

A very enjoyable evening at Drayton Arms Theatre.”


“Superbly entertaining pair of musicals, using different musical styles to tell tales from the past.”


Picture 2.png

‘HERSTORIC’ is an evening of brand new musical theatre, giving several important women the place they deserve in the history books.


Focussing on two historical topics - the Romantics of the 1800s ('The Year Without A Summer') and the medieval Wars of the Roses ('A Mother’s War') -  'Herstoric' aims to portray the lives of those whose stories are not always told; the women, wives and lovers often abandoned in the name of art, hedonism, war and power.

Complete with distinctive, contemporary scores, this promises to be an enjoyable evening for musical theatre fans and historians alike.


   Terry Burns, Emma Breton, Jordan Veloso, Lara Sas, Ben Irish

     Federico Zanni, Rebecca Dawson, Aemilia Owen, Amy Lynch, Kate Hume


Nikola McMurtrie


Rhiannon Drake & Will Drake

Lighting Design:

Adam Squire

Incidental Music

#MR.SIMONSAID by Thomas Holloway

Tristan Bates Theatre

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